Intl. Courier

Focuses on agency management and Air/Sea cargo. The user can access the software from any part of the world and use all the features with no need of complex connections or IT personnel on staff.

Freight Forward

Warehouse receipts, AWB creation, account management, PDF printing, Barcoded labels, and many other features to manage your freight forward operation included as part of ControlBoxOne.


When your customer places an online order and your company is to receive the goods to be forwarded to their residence in another country, ControlBox ONE will be your reliable system to track packages.

Multilingual Yes!, Oui!, Si!

Collaborate with agencies and partners world-wide, knowing they understand you.

Mobility Tablet compatible

Take ControlBox One mobile around the warehouse or on to the streets.

Configurable and simple

Configure features from within a single place and control access in realtime.